Welcome to Sit Stay Beg Cookie Company!


Sit Stay Beg began in 2012 and has grown due to love and passion for creating healthy dog treats that dogs love. Everything we bake is wheat free, gluten free and free of added preservative. We are committed to the health and well being of all dogs which is why we use only the freshest, human grade ingredients. Our recipes were created by us and are simple with minimal ingredients making them ideal for dogs with food allergies and stomach issues.

Our treats are not only healthy, they taste and smell delicious! Your dog will definitely be begging for more.

Owner Danielle Blanchette has seen first hand what a difference diet can make in a dog. After struggling for years to find the right foods for her English Setter Brady, who has severe allergies, she tried a gluten free diet for him and has seen a world of difference in his skin, coat and digestive tract.

In addition to owning Sit Stay Beg, Danielle has also owned The Doggie Connnection in Wakefield, MA since 2002. With her passion for dogs and love of baking Sit Stay Beg was born. 

Welcome to Sit Stay Beg Cookie Company

all-natural, wheat free, gluten free dog treats

Wakefield, Massachusetts




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